Mystery of Dinosaurs | How Did They Become Extinct?


About 100 million years ago, Earth looked completely different. With no humans, some scary animals were ruling over this planet. Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs so big, that they were taller than buildings. With jaws so strong, that they could have crushed your bones within a second. They were so fast, that they ran at around the speed … Read more

Mystery of Area 51

In July 1947, there was a widespread craze of UFOs in America. All across the country, people reported seeing flying saucers. UFOs. The craze began a month ago on 24th June, when private pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed that the saw 9 shining UFOs near a hill around Seattle. He claimed that they were flying very … Read more

Rahul Gandhi Disqualified! 

Rahul Gandhi was recently convicted a case of criminal defamation, by a Gujarat court, after which, he was disqualified from the Parliament. This led the opposition parties all across the nation to come together And the opposition leaders called it a Black Day for the Indian democracy. Congress claims that Rahul Gandhi is being targeted … Read more

India’s White Gold

on 9th february, India’s ministry of mines made an announcemtthat encouraged some people to invite Elon Musk to the country.They announced that in the reasi district of jammu and kashmiralmost 6 million tonnes of lithium was found. The thing is, lithium is considered to be White Gold. From the battery in your smartphone, to the … Read more

Ajmer History

The small town of Ajmer, 78 miles west of Jaipur, played a surprisingly important role in India’s history. Set at the point where the rocky Aravalli Hills end and the Thar Desert begins, this was originally the stronghold of the powerful Chauhan Dynasty of Rajputs, who built India’s first ever hill fort here in the … Read more