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Urs of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz is celebrated every year and in the first week of Rajab, on seeing the moon of Rajab. On the appearance of the moon for the month of Rajab, there comes a change in daily routine which is generally held at the Holy Shrine. The main entrance of the Holy Tomb which in ordinary days is closed at night, is kept open throughout the day and night (barring for 2 or 3 hours at night) during the six days of Urs. All other daily and weekly programmes are suspended and few function and ceremony begin from that night. [More]

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The now capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur was built in 1727 AD by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. It is from his name that the city extracts its name. [More]

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Happy Diwali 2012, Diwali also known as Deepavali or Deepawali is one of the most important, hugely waited and immensely cherished festival celebrated across India and in parts of Nepal. Originally, the name was Deepawali, which has its origin from Sanskrit, meaning “Rows of Deep”.
Over the years the name has been pronounced as Diwali, especially in Hindi, whereas it still remains Deepawali in Nepali. Diwali also popularly known as “Festival of Lights” is celebrated with great gusto and is observed as an official holiday across India. [More]

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located in heart of the old City, it occupy about one seventh of the old city area. The palace is a combine of Mughal and Rajput design it houses a seven storied Chandra Mahal in the centre, which affords a fine view of the gardens and the city. Diwan-E-Am has involved decoration and collection of manuscript, Diwan-E-Khas (Hall of private audience) has a marble pawed gallery Mubarak Mahal has a rich collection of costumes and textiles. There is a Clock Tower near Mubarak Mahal. Sileh Khana has a collection of armory and weapons. Timing 9.30 to 16.45 hrs. [More]

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Carpet weaving was at first introduce by the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Now, the innovation in design of the carpets in Jaipur are beyond similarity and there is a wide variety of carpets made of wool, silk, jute and several synthetic fibers. [More]

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A pleasant retreat set amidst the lush forested hills at a height of 1220m above sea level is the oasis in the deserted land of Rajasthan and posses the honor of being the only hill-station in Rajasthan as well as north-west India, [More]

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Mount Abu is a well known an very beautiful hill-station in Rajasthan state, located in Sirohi district, The mountain forms a distinct rocky plateau 22 km long by 9 km wide. [More]


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Gaumukh Temple:A natural spring flowing through sculpted cows head gives the shrine its name. The famed yagna of sage Vashishtha was the performed here. [More]

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Pushkar is the location of the world famous Pushkar Camel fair. It’s located 11 Km away from Khawaja Nagri Ajmer, another popular tourist destination in Rajasthan.Here are some ways for How To Reach Pushkar by Air, by Train or by Bus. In this article you will find Distance of Pushkar from its nearest tourist Places. [More]


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Pushkar Lake is one of the most important tourist attraction in Rajasthan and features on the itinerary of each and every visitor. Legend has it that the conception of lake was the result of a lotus falling off from Lord Brahma's hand who was greatly seeking a place to carry out a spiritual ceremony and a fire sacrifice generally known as a Yagna. Water instantly gushed forth from the spot and in this way lake came into being. [More]